It was thundering a little earlier too, but so far the power hasnt gone out which is good, but it just flickered a couple times so I figured I should get this done now while we still have power in case it goes out. ;o;

I was playing Ori and the Blind Forest more today, and Im really liking it! :3 I looooove the art style soo much. :D
I might play more Pokemon Sun tonight, too! :o Im not sure if I will yet or not. uvu

I feel like it might end up snowing tonight or tomorrow, because I thiiiink I heard we were supposed to get some, but Im not sure if we will in the end or not. .3. 

Im really hoping the power stays on though, but I suppose well see on that one. ;u; 

Anyway, I dont want to spend toooo long writing tonight in case the power does go out, so then I dont get stuck without a way to do an entry for today, so I think Im just gonna stop writing for tonight. qoq

I might write more here later on, but Im not sure if I will in the end or not! :o I didnt do a whole lot today in the end, honestly. 030

Either way, Ill be on again tomorrow for sure! ^^ Ill try to get more written here then! :D
Night guys! ^-^